A good story has no ending. Ups and downs, but also discipline and a constant family style of leadership have left their mark on this company over the past 150 years
In 1996, the agronomist and plant breeder Dr. Bernd Büter founded VitaPlant as a spin-off company at the Pharmaceutical Institute of the University of Basel together with his wife, the biologist Dr. Karin Berger Büter.

The founders were supported by Prof. Dr. Willi Schaffner (University of Basel, Switzerland) and by Prof. Dr. Axel Brattström (Max Zeller Söhne AG, Romanshorn). Right from the beginning, the company focused on the development of medicinal plants and on the cultivation of these plants.

After spending the early years building up the company, it was converted into a public company in 1998 to help finance further growth. A significant part of the funding was provided by the Novartis Venture Fund.

In 1998 the headquarters of the company was re-located to Witterswil near Basel. Until 2003, VitaPlant worked in close cooperation with the University group of Prof. Dr. W. Schaffner and following his retirement gradually built up its own know-how in pharmaceutical areas such as e.g. in-vitro pharmacology and development of extracts.

In 2007 the founders of the company decided to sell the majority of shares to Max Zeller Söhne AG. Max Zeller Söhne AG boasts one of the most modern production facilities for manufacturing herbal medicinal products in conformity with cGMP (extraction, manufacture of finished product, packaging).

In January of 2010, the VitaPlant headquarters was re-located near Max Zeller Söhne AG to Uttwil near Lake Constance. An area measuring 60’000 m2 with very modern greenhouses, a cGMP-conform medicinal plant warehouse, farm buildings and a field testing station were built on the new premises.

In cooperation with Max Zeller Söhne AG, VitaPlant is able to offer an even wider range of services to its customers.

Together, the two companies control the entire value chain, from the seed to the finished medicinal product.