“Our goal is to develop innovative phytopharmaceuticals for different indication areas in order to increase patients’ health and quality of life.” (Dr. Georg Boonen, CEO)  

About us

Max Zeller Söhne AG specialises in the development, production and marketing of herbal medicinal products with clinically proven efficacy. Zeller is a medium-sized Swiss company owned by the same family for five generations. In the past 150 years, the company has grown from a small pharmacy in Romanshorn to a manufacturer of herbal medicinal products steeped in tradition. Today Zeller is a leader in the Swiss market for herbal medicines and one of the few companies to control the entire manufacturing chain from seeds to finished product. At the Ramshorn and Uttwil (VitaPlant) locations, there are 135 employees in numerous disciplines such as biology, agriculture, process engineering, pharmacy and medicine. Zeller’s herbal medicines are sold in Switzerland and in the international market in drugstores, pharmacies and as reimbursable medicines at the doctor’s Office.

What we stand for

Controlled quality over the entire value-added chain – from cultivation of the medicinal plants up to the production of the finished packaged product. So right from the first step, we are concerned with the precisely defined and standardised seed and plant material, which is sown and harvested under controlled conditions. The extraction and subsequent treatment of the extracts to the final medicinal form take place according to pharmaceutical standards. For the documentation of our products, we implement pre-clinical and clinical trials, which are published in internationally recognised journals. Guaranteeing control of the entire value-added chain requires long-term investments in infrastructure. We are committed to Switzerland as a location in the long term and are investing for the future in the Romanshorn and Uttwil Locations.