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Vitaplant specialises in the development and production of plant raw material of the highest quality for customers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

Through our subsidiaries and international cultivation partners, we produce customer-specific, sophisticated plant raw material for pharmaceutical products, teas and other special crops.

At the heart of this all this are sustainable, personal and partnership-based relationships.

Vitaplant-research-development.jpg Vitaplant-research-development.jpg

Research & development

Vitaplant is specialised in identifying qualitatively superior plant material by means of selection and breeding methods and transferring this expertise to commercial cultivation.

Anbau & Produktion Anbau & Produktion

Cultivation & production

Vitaplant’s subsidiaries as well as a broad international network of cultivation partners enable us to produce high-quality plant raw materials on an industrial scale.

Qualität Qualität


In-house seed development, specifically selected growing regions and continuous monitoring of cultivation, including transparent documentation, form the basis for the highest quality.